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Bank Website Features We provide the suite of tools and services to create the best bank website.

Custom bank website vs. content-ready bank website

Hand-in-hand with our approach to custom bank website design and development is the notion that if you need it, we will build it. So while we pride ourselves on building robust custom sites, we also recognize the need for a streamlined product: the content-ready bank website.

What is a content-ready bank website?

Our content-ready bank website option is ideal for banks and credit unions with only a few branches and/or without a dedicated marketing team to maintain a full-fledged custom website. Think of it as a slimmed-down version of our premier offering.

Ask us about our content-ready websites.

Bank website features comparison

A chart that compares the features and functionality of custom bank websites and content-ready bank websites
Feature / functionality Custom bank website Content-ready bank website
Simple CMS
Website audit report tool
Google Analytics tracking
Five financial calculators
Homepage alert box
Contact form
Account login integration
External site speedbump
Social media links
Staff photo element
SSL certificate
Secure web hosting
Responsive / mobile-friendly
ADA compliance
Customized homepage layout  
Customized subpage layout  
Site search box  
Easy-update rates tool  
Product comparison tables  

Additional custom bank website features

In addition to the tools and traits that come standard, the following features are available for custom bank websites (only):

  • Account product wizard
  • Advanced calculator output
  • Advanced Google Analytics setup
  • SEO (search engine optimization) service
  • Blog / social media integration
  • Board of Directors portal
  • Custom calculators
  • Customizable landing pages
  • Customized branch pages
  • E-marketing integration
  • Event calendar
  • Lead-generation forms
  • Online chat
  • Photo gallery
  • Property / asset manager
  • Re-marketing
  • Secure online applications
  • ZIP code branch locator
  • Anything else you can dream of!

Responsive bank website

A BrownBoots website is more than a pretty face. We focus on statistics, usability and calls to action to ensure your website is effective — and that your investment pays off.

Mobile web usage continues to be on the rise. As more and more web traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s imperative to have a website that can be viewed and navigated easily on a smartphone, tablet and so on.

We always take the mobile web into account when building bank websites. “Responsive web design” is just a fancy way of saying you have one website that looks great no matter what kind of internet-ready device accesses it because the site’s display is altered based on the screen size. The content will flow into a page differently based on the screen/device.

Mobile optimization is just one example of how we champion usability in our bank website design. When it comes to website architecture and hierarchy, we make data-driven decisions so that your bank website not only looks wonderful, but also work wonderfully on any device.

Financial calculators

Every custom BrownBoots bank website includes five financial calculators:

  1. Bank loan calculator
  2. Home affordability calculator
  3. Retirement calculator
  4. Savings calculator
  5. Tuition calculator

If you need an additional calculator — or a custom web application or tool — for your bank website, we’re confident we can make it happen.

Content development

The best bank websites include the information their customers need — no more, no less.

Content is the prime reason people come to your website. Whether it’s contact information, product details, loan rates or insight on specific services, every user experience begins with a goal in mind. If your site doesn’t provide the destination — or hides it in an unexpected place — no amount of bells and whistles are going to make up for it.

In other words, you can’t afford for content to be an afterthought.

Website copywriting

It can be tempting to recycle content from an existing website or other marketing materials, but the most effective text is intentional in its form and purpose. Website copywriting provides the information your audiences seek in an organized — and prioritized — fashion. Consistency is key not only with regard to syntax, but also to tone.

Every page must serve a purpose and have its own call to action.

When BrownBoots is brought on board to help with content strategy and tactics, we provide SEO copywriting so that optimized keywords are used where they will do the most good. Whether you have an internal style guide or need us to create the rules for text, we deliver website copywriting that speaks directly to your customers and conveys your brand.

Photography & photo editing

A picture is worth more than a thousand words when it comes to selecting images to represent your bank or credit union. Whether you’re selling your services, promoting a product or just sharing an idea with your customers, the experience is always improved with polished, professional photos.

BrownBoots will find the perfect stock photography that reflects your brand as well as edit any images you provide — from photos of your branches to staff portraits. Don’t settle for outdated or uninspired stock images; our designers make every webpage a masterpiece.

Web animation & motion graphics

Motion graphics convey key information with flair. Whether you need a how-to video for a cutting-edge service or want to give your new product marketing a boost, our graphic designers can produce an eye-catching, homepage-worthy animation.

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